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Contaminated Waste Management
Envirem Processes and Existing Facility Capacities
List of Envirem Bioremediation Sites and Residue Management Services
  1. Windrow Bioremediation (Outdoor Windrows - Mechanical Turning)
    1. Belledune Bioremediation Facility, NB
    2. Fredericton Bioremediation Facility, NB
    3. Memramcook Bioremediation Facility, NB
  2. Compost-Amended Sludge Bioremediation (Contained Primary-Phase)
  3. Fredericton Bioremediation Facility, NB
  4. In-Vessel Composting
  5. Anaerobic Digestion (Single-Stage, Acid-genesis Phase)
  6. Bayside Digester Plant, NB

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