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Our Goal

Creating Healthy Soils

Our goal is to produce high-quality organic-based and approved products with mother nature’s purest and richest organic residues. We sell bagged and export bulk products for everyone from the home gardener, organic farmers, greenhouses, to garden and hardware stores.

Greenhouse Gold TM

Greenhouse Gold™

The Greenhouse Gold brand is the environmentally-conscious solution for your gardening and agricultural needs

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Envirem Organics understands the need for sustainable agriculture products.

Commercial deliveries

Commercial Deliveries

We have a full range of commercial and bulk products available from our Canadian and US facilities.

Why Choose Envirem Organics

Natural, high quality products, made locally.

  • Environmentally Conscious

Our products are made locally and create healthy soils the natural way without adversely impacting the environment, by providing positive green solutions and reducing carbon footprints.

  • Best Quality Products

Years of research, development, and investments in sustainable green technologies and facilities, Envirem Organics has become a leader in converting local forestry and agricultural by-products into value-added manufactured topsoils, potting soils, mulches, organic amendments, organic fertilizers and biofuels.

Creating Healty soils - about us
Healthy soil, healthy plants

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy planet.

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