Bulk Composts

Envirem produces a variety of compost products that are OMRI listed and approved for organic use. We are a long-standing member of the Compost Quality Alliance and adhere to the quality standards of today’s compost industry.

Available Sizes:

•  Bulk Shipments – 30-tonne loads

Envirem bulk composts have many proven long term benefits for soil health. Composts are a cost-effective way to help add organic matter to your soil environment. Easy to source, apply and handle making them very user-friendly – Composts help to add essential soil organic matter – Help Improve yields, containing many plant major nutrients – Composts will improve your soil structure – Increase water infiltration and retention.

Soil Amendment Properties good for most compost uses within landscape, gardening, lawns, horticulture and agriculture.

•  New gardens – For a “one time” only application add up to 4-6 inches (10-15cm) of compost and incorporate into soil, for future annual applications its recommended to apply 0.394 inches (1cm) of compost and incorporate into existing soil.

•  New lawns – For a “one time” only application of 2-4 inches (5-10cm) of compost over top of the existing soil and incorporate into the soil.

•  Establishing lawns – spread ¼ inch (0.635 inches) of compost over top of existing soil,

•  New trees – use a 5:1 ratio of compost to tree root ball,

•  Topdressing – spread ¼ inch (0.635cm) of compost evenly over turf stand,

•  Agriculture – add up to 50 tonnes per hectare (as per soil amendment recommended from results of a soil test). Note: please use the following density range: 600 to < 900 kg/m3

This compost product should be used as part of a complete program that relates to the quality of the soil.

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