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Pelletized Lime

Greenhouse GoldTM Pelletized Lime is a non-burning, non-toxic soil treatment when used according to the label directions.

Pelletized lime is proven to be an effective means of keeping your soil’s pH in balance.

The addition of lime is proven to keep your soil environments both healthy and productive by allowing the soils ability naturally uptake nutrients within the soil.

Available Sizes:

• 15 kg Bag
• 75 bags/pallet

Greenhouse Gold Pelletized Lime is ready to spread right from the bag. The uniform-sized granulars spread easily, in all rotary spreaders. Dolomitic lime, contains magnesium for added plant nutrients.

A soil test is recommended to determine your specific lawn or garden requirements.

Lime can be applied in the Spring and Fall during your regular lawn & garden program for maintenance.
New lawns – 15kg / 1000 sq ft
Established lawns – 7.5kg / 1000 sq ft
Vegetable Gardens – 15kg / 1000 sq ft

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