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Nutri-Wave™ Organic Fertilizer is a line of approved for organic use fertilizer that has been dried and pasteurized and then screened and formed into a particle that can be spread evenly and easily.

Organic growing markets have been on a steady increase and nutrient supply is crucial to ensure this growth can continue. Nutri-Wave™ organic fertilizer is made using Mother Nature’s richest source of organic N – Poultry Manure.

Fertilizers and Composts for Agricultural Use

Envirem Organics understands the need for sustainable agriculture products. As organic production continues to increase, Envirem continues to work hard to ensure their organic agriculture products meet or exceed stringent quality standards.


  • Adds organic matter to your soil
  • Improves water & nutrient holding capacity
  • Contains both macro & micronutrients
  • Nutrients can be taken up by the plant
    reducing the risk of surface runoff,
    protecting streams and rivers

Organic Fertilizer

1T Totes of Organic Fertilizer

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