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1T Totes of Organic Fertilizer

Nutri-Wave Organic Fertilizer is a line of organic approved fertilizer that has been dried and pasteurized and then screened and formed into a particle that can be spread evenly and easily. Organic growing markets have been on a steady increase and nutrient supply is crucial to ensure this growth can continue. Nutri-wave organic fertilizer is made using Mother Nature’s richest source of organic N – Poultry Manure. This 4-1-2 organic fertilizer will provide your soil environment with essential macro and micronutrients for long term soil health and an improved soil environment for your plant’s roots.

Available Forms:

• Pelletized – ¼” x ½” wood pellet sized particles
• Granular – 1/8” x ¼” particles
• Fine Grade – 1/16” x 1/8” particles

Available Packages:

• Pellets – Single-use – 1T totes
• Loose form – bulk dump trucks
• Granular – Single-use – 1T totes
• Fine Grade – Single-use – 1T totes

Nutri-Wave Organic Fertilizer breaks down slowly stimulating positive microbes and improving your soil environment. Plants require more than just NPK to grow, Nutri-wave contains micronutrients to help feed the biology in your soil.


• Adds organic matter to your soil
• Improves water & nutrient holding capacity
• Contains both macro & micronutrients
• Nutrients can be taken up by the plant reducing the risk of surface runoff, protecting streams and rivers

*Nutri-wave organic fertilizer should be used as a part of a complete soil nutrient management plan. Application rates vary depending on the specific nutrient requirements of you plant and the overall health of your soil.

Nutri-wave Organic Fertilizer can be broadcast directly over top of your soil or used directly in your seeder.

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